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Welcome to Islam

As the electrifying moment of uttering those life changing words are still sinking in; thoughts and emotions will be challenged as your new lifestyle unfolds. Replacing old habits with new and merging into the Muslim community can seem quite daunting.

You are not alone…

For almost two decades Revert2Reality has taken the hand of many New Muslims; ensuring they receive full support in their learning under the guidance of our mentors.

If you are a new Muslim; thinking about Islam; Revert2Reality is here to listen and advice.

Testimony of Faith

Ash hadu allaa ilaaha illal laahu wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasooluhu

I bear witness that there is no God but Allaah and Muhammad is His slave & Messenger



New Muslim Pack

New Muslim Pack

Upon taking shahaada the new Muslim is given a gift pack containing a beginner’s collection of useful books and material. Our new Muslim Pack has been extremely popular and productive. We are forever refining and improving our packs to ensure only the best reaches our newcomers!

Each New Muslim Gift Pack contains:

  • Certificate of Shahada
  • English translation of the Quraan
  • Small pocket size book of daily invocations
  • New Muslim Guide
  • Prayer book with DVD
  • Prayer cards
  • Prayer mat



An R2R mentor is a guide who is there to help our New Muslim lay the crucial foundations & overcome initial hurdles and challenges, which most reverts face. Mentoring provides reverts with an opportunity to ask questions, revise over their prayer/duas and unfold Islam; layer by layer; taking in its beauty and wisdom.

“Revert2Reality’s Mentoring Ansar Program (MAP) is tailored to support New Muslims; enhance their love of Islam, establish the prayers, refine their inner and outer character and become the ideal Muslim.”

Aliya Iqbal

What support will the Mentoring Ansar Program provide for me?

Our mentors help individuals to believe in themselves & boost their confidence; while continuously providing guidance and encouragement to flourish in the premature stages of Islam.

The R2R MAP offer support in a number of areas: 

  • Acts of worship (ibadah)
  • General advice (naseehah)
  • Listening (istima’a)
  • Purification (tazkiyah)
  • Cultivation (tarbiyah)

Practical Learning

  • How to make ablution(wudoo)
  • How to pray
  • Supplications
  • How to correct errors in prayer
  • How to pray at the Mosque (assisted trip to local mosque)
  • Memorisation of some basic daily supplications
  • Memorisation of some short verses from the Quran
  • Quranic Arabic (piloting to read Quran in Arabic)
  • Advanced level learning also available

Social Support

  • Keeping in touch via text/email and phone
  • Invites to R2Rdinners and events
  • Building links to meet other individuals with common interest


  • Dealing with non Muslim family, spouse and children
  • Advice on returning to work as a Muslim
  • Marriage
  • Old habits, combating shaytan, steadfastness
  • Discrimination

Need A Mentor?

Need A Mentor?

We would love to hear from you and lend you our support.

Call us on 0208 610 9393 or email us on

Remember Mentors can:

  • Act as an impartial sounding board. They create valuable space and time for you to ‘stand back’ and review where you are now, where you want to get to, and how best to get there.
  • Contribute viewpoints, advice, and information from their own knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • Assist you to achieve changes and goals to enhance your relationship with your Creator and live Islam holistically.

Revert Funeral Support Workshop

Revert Funeral Support Workshop

Providing support and advice for reverts; how best to prepare for this inevitable time.

We offer advice on how to educate non – Muslim family members and how best to engage them towards understanding the pre-requisites of a Muslim’s Janaza to ensure all runs smoothly and in accordance to Quraan & Sunnah.




Taking on the R2R Mentoring Program has undoubtedly made learning about Islam much easier for me.  I was hesitant to take my shahada as I honestly was anxious; how I would learn about everything…

But having someone go through the prayer one 2 one made it possible for me to learn at my own pace with no pressure and peace of mind I was doing it right, I received support and encouragement to learn the actions, words and understanding of the prayer.

I was able to ask my mentor and the sisters I met questions who were always there to help. It allowed me to feel a part of the Muslim community, alhumdulilah I haven’t had to encounter the isolation that many reverts go through and inshallah Revert2Reality will be able to help more people journeys be easier for them as they have for me.

Juma Dimmock, East London


I have been Muslim for six years now and its been a long hard road, yet the best six years of my life, I don’t have an amazing story to tell how I came to Islam, only that I had a lot of deaths in my family, one in particular was losing my dad who I was very close to. My dad was my back bone and I looked up to him dearly. So when I lost him I started to question my life, my purpose and my vision of where I wanted to be and where I wanted to go.

During this time I had already taken my Shahadda but never looked into it until my father died. I remember my mother telling me my father always spoke about Islam, and it was something that he was interested in but never took it any further than that.

I never really took my mum on until I was going through my dad’s stuff and found some Islamic literature, which I started reading, and from then on I knew that I wanted to take Islam seriously. I knew that if anything my dad would be proud of me. Alhumduillah two of my brothers are Muslim now and I pray Allah swt guides them to the right path insha allah

Six years into my deen most of everything I have learnt and all the knowledge that I have gained has been self taught, I say most. I have only come to know of Revert2Reality recently; who in the last 3-4months has helped me tremendously both spiritually and with myself development.

I have also met some beautiful sisters, who have made me feel so welcome and at ease with myself. Sometimes it can be difficult for reverts to find their feet on the road to Islam and find somewhere they feel comfortable and know that people will welcome them.

I have been to a lot of places to seek knowledge but never found somewhere I could fit in and feel comfortable, until now, that is. I would recommend anyone to R2R and have made mention to many about R2R, they are so good at what they do and I wish them all the success in the future and I pray that Allah makes it easy for them insha’ Allah

Keisha Shelton, now known as Iman Bhayaht, Former Christian, South London, Muslim since 2006


R2R helped me greatly when I was thrown out of my house being beaten up a number of times by my parents after I embraced Islam at 18 years old. They helped me find accommodation and provided me with food. Over the years they have offered me additional valuable help. I believe they are stretched as they are a small local community project and I hope other identical projects do materialise in many other localities of London. May Allaah grant the project, volunteers and donors success in this life and the Hereafter ameen

Abdul Malik Tailor, Acton, West London


I’ve heard that they’re a great bunch of brothers & sisters and practice the deen according to Quran and Sunnah. I know they have a Sunday circle for sisters in east London and also do coffee mornings during the week.

R2R is at the heart of the Leyton community and I go to all their events and classes. They are such a super bunch of people. Friendly and always go out of their way to help.

As a Leyton resident, R2R is my second home…. Keep up the good work guys!

Aishah Murphy


I took my Shahada with R2R in 2009 and learning the basics of my deen and it could not have been easier as I took on the mentoring program. I learnt at my pace and cant believe how far I have come… many years on R2R still continue to keep in touch with me and I am grateful are paths met. Thank you

Dominica Olga, Polish revert, Walthamstow East London


R2R is my family and I support them regularly by attending their attending their classes. The team are very friendly and welcoming. Its nice to know we have them to turn to for alsorts of advice.

Aisha Edward Kareem, Leytonstone, East London


I am came to know of R2R through the coffee mornings which I absolutely love. Great food, great company, no politics just pure sisterhood…

Maryam, Polish Revert, East London


I took my Shahada on the 27th Night of Ramadan with R2R and it was most amazing day of my life. I saw an Angel in my dream the night before calling the athan, I didn’t know what it was as I wasn’t Muslim, but I remember the words Muhammad and Allaah ringing in my ears… so I went on the net and searched these words and I found verses of the Quran. I could not stop reading. I was on the internet all day; the more I read, the more I wanted to know. I was intoxicated by the miracles of the Quraan; I began to cry and cry. I went to my neighbour who was Asian and told her – how do I become Muslim, I took my Shahada with Aliya and from then onwards she become my teacher and guide. Everything I have learnt is from my mentor….I love you so much

I didn’t know at the time how blessed the odd nights of Ramadan were, I didn’t even know it was Ramadan lol. I feel spiritually enlightened and Revert2Reality helped my journey to be smooth and so enjoyable. I can never repay you; R2R for what you have done for me. May Allaah reward you greatly ameen

Leigh Sobowale, South London


R2R organise great events for women to chill and have a bit of a party. Which is important for us reverts.

Khadijah Khalid